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At Playboy Condoms, we use a silicon-based lubricant rather than water-based to help prevent friction and tearing. This type of lubricant is more effective and makes a noticeable difference for both partners. Anyone interested in purchasing better quality condoms that are more comfortable and durable should visit our website and check out the selection we currently have available. There are several options and sizes to choose from so everyone can find something to suit their needs. Stop by today and discover more about our brand and our company's goals or to get assistance with a purchase from World Brands Australia.

People looking for natural latex condoms can find them on the Playboy Condoms website. We have a wide variety of options to choose from that are sure to please. All of our condoms are made from natural latex and are free from many of the harsh chemicals that other major national and worldwide brands contain. We have eliminated nitrosamine from our condoms because it creates irritation and discomfort and isn't necessary to produce a top-quality condom. In addition, we have also eliminated other harmful chemicals from our brand of condoms because they can also create irritation and compromise the product's integrity. Stop by the website today to learn more or place an order that can be shipped to Australia and New Zealand residents. Find chemical-free condoms in Australia that customers can count on for quality and safety.